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Letter of Consent to Collect, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information


Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (“Company”) prepare this document to notify you the purpose of collecting and processing your Personal Data (“this document”).  Company also prepares consent request for collecting and process your Personal Data at the end of this Document.

1.     Personal data collected by Company Personal Datameans data relate to you which can identify your identity, directly or indirectly, such as name, address, e-mail address, phone number, ID card number, photo, age, occupation, etc. including other data you disclose to Company for purchase or receive services from Company or affiliate companies.


2.     Purpose of collecting, processing, disclosing, sending and/or transfer of Personal Data

2.1          Company collects, process, disclose, send, and/or transfer your Personal Data for performance of obligation under the contracts with you, such as sale and purchase contract, warranty contract, service contract, or for lawful legitimate interest of Company, or other legal purpose.

2.2          Besides, Company will process your Personal Data, with your consent, to the extent of following purpose:

1)      Conduct market activities, advertise products or service information, sale campaign

2)      notify you about product quality problem, recall, quality campaign

3)      market research, direct marketing, data analytics

4)      evaluate and improve quality of products

3.       Disclosure, sending, transfer of Personal Data Company may disclose, send, or transfer your Personal Data to affiliate companies, dealers, third party service provider, or third-party data processor which involves as a part of Companys business for the purpose mentioned in clause 2 aboveTo that extent, Company may send or transfer your Personal Data to other countries (such as Japan) which is the country that have sufficient Personal Data protection standard required by the law.

4.       Term for keeping your Personal Data Company will keep your Personal Data as long as necessary for the purpose mentioned in clause 2 above until you withdraw this consentExcept in case Company is required to keep your Personal Data by the law or for Company lawful legitimate interest or Company or affiliate companies. In case Company does not need to use your Personal Data, Company will delete your Personal Data from the any system and recordation of Company, affiliates companies and/or to make your Personal Data to be the unidentified information which can lead to you.

5.       Your rights under the law You have rights to access, correct, delete, or suspend the processing of your Personal Data, request Company to send or transfer your Personal Data to other Data Controller, object to collecting or processing your Personal Data, withdraw consent in accordance with the laws.

6.      Amendment of this document Company may amend this document by notifying you of such amendment. The Company may inform you of other additional details about your privacy via the Priacy Policy (https://privacypolicy.honda.th.com/ppdcs), such as the purposes for collecting and using your Personal Data. The amendment will be effective immediately once the Company has notified you in a manner that the Company deems appropriate. Unless the Company requires your consent by law. The above details will be effective when the Company has received your consent.


                I read, acknowledged and understood the information for collecting, using, disclosing and /or transferring Personal Data related to me in this document, and I agreed to give consent that Company and/or affiliate companies can collect, process, and disclose my Personal Data under the purpose of this Document.