FAQs about Honda Power Products

Because of the measurement for engine power was changing. From the old measure was test the engine power by using only engine not including an Air filter,Muffler and Governor. But for now we change the measure of the engine net power by attached all the standard part from a factory that was including all the stuff such as Air filter,Muffler but not including a governor.And describe the engine power based on a reasonable of using the engine.
No, it cannot. Cause the spark plug has a differnt lenght of insulator.
Yes,It can. Cause this 2 model has a same piston diameter.
Yes, it is. But the gasohol was contain the Ethanol not over 10% (E10)
Yes,it can. But it need to attach a dry type clutch that has a Thai commercial cause a PTO shaft was located in inch unit not SI unit.
Yes, it is. But the combustion temperature will get high and that a reason for early worn out engine.
At Honda authorize dealer in every province.
It depends on an engine displacement and power that related to the fuel consumption.
The Honda GX model engine is an Over head valve engine type.After using 1 year or 300 Hr. It need to adjust a valve clearance.
Inlet valve clearance = 0.15 mm.
Exhaust valve clearance = 0.20 mm.
Cannot use due to ignition timing is different between GX270 & GX390, ignition coil of GX270 & GX390 has different part number.